Board Westerhoff


Board Members

Emmelie Westerhoff


My name is Emmelie Westerhoff and I am Chairperson of Student Association Xenia. In this position, it is my responsibility to make sure that everything within the association is coordinated in an appropriate manner. My main task is to make sure all Board members have everything they need to fulfil their function. On top of that, I make sure we have a good collaboration with Breda University. If you have any questions about the association you may always contact me.

Daphne Verkamman


My name is Daphne Verkamman and I’m the Vice-Chairman of Board Westerhoff.  As Vice-Chairman I am responsible for the Sororities and Fraternities, Yearclubs, and I help my fellow Board members whenever needed. Furthermore, Emmelie and I are responsible for the IntroCo and FYASCo. These committees will guarantee all the new members an unforgettable introduction time. If you have any further questions about my function, the association or about myself. Feel free to send me an email.

Jette Scholtes


My name is Jette Scholtes and I fulfil the role of Secretary. I am responsible for the member administration, internal communication, and all correspondence. Furthermore, I am responsible for the gala committee. If you would like to get more information about the association, becoming a member or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bram Wesseling


My name is Bram Wesseling and I fulfill the function of Interim-Treasurer in Board Westerhoff. I am a 19 year old 3rd years Facility Management student. As Interim-Treasurer, I am responsible for the financials linked to the association. Furthermore, I create an annual budget for our association which I control during the year by looking at our spendings and income for all events.

Hessel Stam

Coordinator Communication

My name is Hessel Stam, and I fulfil the function of Coordinator Communication. Within my function, I am responsible for almost all external communication such as our different social media platforms, our website, and all promotional materials. Besides that, I am also responsible for the promotion committee and the photo committee. If you have any questions regarding this association, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Iris Jurok

Coordinator Public Relations

I am Iris Jurok, Coordinator Public Relations of this beautiful association. I am responsible for new and current sponsors. Next to this function, I also fulfil the role of Coordinator Operational, where I am responsible for the events on Wednesdays nights.