Year Clubs

A year club is a group of friends (male, female or mixed) from the same instalment, where you want to enjoy your time within Student Association Xenia with. The benefit of being a member of a year club is that you can create friendships that will last even after graduating. Within our association, we have several year clubs, which can be found below.

2017 - 2018

Y.C. Filia

We’re year club Filia consisting of Anne-Bo, Caroline, Lyan, Tessa, Emmelie, Lauren and Lisa. Filia means friendship in Greek which is what we need and create during our lives. In our logo, you can see the Mediterranean olives which need a lot of warmth and time to grow, but once they’re fully grown they’re very strong, just like friendship. Our year club drink is Gin-Tonic, but actually we like everything containing alcohol.  

We hope to meet you soon for a drink on Wednesday evening at Borrel Bar Breda.  

With amicable regards,  
Y.C. Filia

Y.C. Venatores Cervorum

We are YC Venatores Cervorum. A group of 10 friends that wanted to be more than ‘just students’. For this sole reason, YC Venatores was born. A year club is known for its activity within Xenia, which is visible in actively contributing to Fraternities and committees of SA Xenia. Want to know more? You’re welcome to enjoy laughter and a cold ‘Pilske’ on our lovely ‘Dakterras’.

2018 - 2019

Y.C. Bacchus

We are Y.C. Bacchus, a full house year club consisting of 11 strong independent men: Brammus, Gerardus, Janus, Sammus, Steevanus, Daanus, Tijnus, Nikolus, Lucanus, Robertus, El Tienus and Pellanus. We are a year club consisting out of International Hotel Management students and Facility Management students. Besides drinking our “gold yellow buddy”, we are going through dust for each other. Someone in trouble with the ladies? No problem, there will be 11 wingmans helping you out.

Trouble with studying? No problem, there will be 11 nerds who can help you cheat.

Troubles with drinking the gold yellow buddies? Still no problem, there will be 10 singing alcoholics pouring this golden liquid down your throat.

Y.C. Novem Firminus

We are Y.C. Novem Firminus and we are born on 19th December 2018.

Since we are a group of nine girls who are always on fire, in for parties en having drinks with each other, we have chosen for this name: Novem Firminus stands for ‘nine times powerful’. We all have our own powers in which everything comes together: SPICINESS, CRAZINESS & HOTNESS.

We can’t wait to meet you @ Borrel Bar Breda!

Spicy Kisses,

Annemarie, Babanne, Dosha, Evelyn, Kim, Laura, Roby, Sabine, Sophie. 🌶

2019 - 2020

Y.C. Adelfi

We are Year Club Adelfi, founded 4 December 2019. We are a group of nine girls consisting of: Imke, Leonie, Manon, Emma, Nikki, Noor, Roos, Saar en Simone. We are all from different cities in the Netherlands and found each other during our amazing times at Student Association Xenia. We are all open-minded, love to have a good laugh and excited to get to know the world, new people and making new memories. The name “Adelfi” stands for “Sisters” in Greek. We choose the name Adelfi because from the moment we met, we felt as a group that we could be ourselves and during our time together this even became stronger. We are always there for each other, we help each other when needed, and most importantly we enjoy being together and have a lot of fun. The name “Adelfi” perfectly describes our strong connection, because we are always together being ourselves like sisters do.

“We are always together, as sisters, being ourselves, young and wild with lots of laughter”


Y.C. Adelfi

Y.C. Decem Delectat

We are a group of 10 completely different gentlemen. One prettier than the other but all even appreciated. We are a group of undefinable, naughty, idiotic weirdos who do not resemble each other at all. And that is exactly the reason why we work so well as a group. We all come from different places with different insights and experiences. We have the feeling that our friendship is real and there is a lot to come for us. You can find us on Wednesdays in the BBB taking a shot of our beloved Limoncello.

Our members:
Rogier Bulsink, Mees Heslenfeld, Job Klein Obbink Mick Kroneberg, Jay-Jay van Laar, Maximiliaan Loos, Youri Puts, Sevrin Smits, Yannick Tielemans and Joep de Wit

“We are Y.C. Decem Delectat, and this is just the beginning”

Y.C. Carpe Noctem

Y.C. Carpe Noctem was born on January 8th, 2020. We are a group of 8 girls which consist of both Hotel and Facility students. Our name means ‘’seize the night’’. In other words, live tonight like there’s no tomorrow! The wolf in our logo represents the wolf characteristics, which we compare ourselves with. The characteristics of the wolf are: highly social animal, adjust themselves very easily and live in a group which is a family. The colour of our logo is Peru with glitters. The quote in our mission is Bolum et Malum, which means in good and bad times. We love to be together at parties and do fun activities, but we also find it important to be together in bad times and speak openly to each other about everything. In the end, no one will be alone.  The values of our Year Club are: guiding, respect, protecting, loyalty, fun & laughter and powerful. Our favourite shot is probably the most beloved one… Boswandeling!

With lots of love,

Lara de Vetter, Marlie Berkvens, Eva Eijgelaar, Iris Jurok, Maxime Leeuw, Jette Scholtes, Yvie van der Waall, and Janne Weijs.