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Did you just finish your high school or MBO and is it finally time to move on and start studying in Breda? Then we would like to welcome you on our website. We are Student Association Xenia and we are a student association especially for hotel and facility students from Breda University of Applied Sciences. Together with all our members, we form a big group of friends. Besides partying and drinking beers, we also focus on networking and educational events such as guest speakers or wine tastings. Hopefully, you will find all the information needed on our website but if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to info@saxenia.nl.

Living in Breda

Are you tired of travelling back and forth between your hometown and Breda? Well, then it’s time to move to this beautiful city. Breda has a lot to offer to students. There are more than enough pubs and clubs where you can go on an adventure at the nightlife of Breda, and there are more than hundred of restaurants with delicious food and drinks. Breda has everything you need but still feels like a cosy village. We understand that finding a room or apartment in Breda could be quite challenging and therefore we would love to help you find your perfect home. If you are interested in our help, please send an email to info@saxenia.nl

To the Parents

Is your son or daughter about to start his or her studies in Breda? That’s great! Breda is a cosy city with an open student life. However, we can imagine you have quite a few questions as well. What is this student life about? What are those student associations about? Won’t it influence the study progress of my child negatively? Are the stereotypes of Dutch introduction weekends really what they’re like? Should you stop your child from joining an association for these reasons? 

Within Student Association Xenia we promote a safe and hospitable environment for anyone. and a close network of students of Hotel- and Facility Management in Breda. Membership and friendships created as a result of this motivate many of us to participate actively both at school as well as in student life. A combination of these two makes our members quickly feel at home in Breda. We aim to create friendships that last a lifetime. May you have any further questions about S.A. Xenia or student life in Breda, please feel free to contact us via info@saxenia.nl


Are you interested in becoming a member of Student Association Xenia? Great! Please be aware that we are a student association especially for students of Hotel or Facility Management at the Breda University. At the begin of the academic year, there is the opportunity to sign up. Please leave your email address below if you want to get in contact with us!

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