Y.C. Adelfi

We are Year Club Adelfi, founded 4 December 2019. We are a group of nine girls consisting of: Imke, Leonie, Manon, Emma, Nikki, Noor, Roos, Saar en Simone. We are all from different cities in the Netherlands and found each other during our amazing times at Student Association Xenia. We are all open-minded, love to have a good laugh and excited to get to know the world, new people and making new memories. The name “Adelfi” stands for “Sisters” in Greek. We choose the name Adelfi because from the moment we met, we felt as a group that we could be ourselves and during our time together this even became stronger. We are always there for each other, we help each other when needed, and most importantly we enjoy being together and have a lot of fun. The name “Adelfi” perfectly describes our strong connection, because we are always together being ourselves like sisters do.

“We are always together, as sisters, being ourselves, young and wild with lots of laughter”


Y.C. Adelfi

Est. 4th of December 2019

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