Y.C. Carpe Noctem

Y.C. Carpe Noctem was born on January 8th, 2020. We are a group of 8 girls which consist of both Hotel and Facility students. Our name means ‘’seize the night’’. In other words, live tonight like there’s no tomorrow! The wolf in our logo represents the wolf characteristics, which we compare ourselves with. The characteristics of the wolf are: highly social animal, adjust themselves very easily and live in a group which is a family. The colour of our logo is Peru with glitters. The quote in our mission is Bolum et Malum, which means in good and bad times. We love to be together at parties and do fun activities, but we also find it important to be together in bad times and speak openly to each other about everything. In the end, no one will be alone.  The values of our Year Club are: guiding, respect, protecting, loyalty, fun & laughter and powerful. Our favourite shot is probably the most beloved one… Boswandeling!

With lots of love,

Lara de Vetter, Marlie Berkvens, Eva Eijgelaar, Iris Jurok, Maxime Leeuw, Jette Scholtes, Yvie van der Waall, and Janne Weijs.

Est. 8th of January 2020

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