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Student Association Xenia
Mgr. Hopmansstraat 2
4817 JS Breda
KvK: 20106601

Home Bar

Borrel Bar Breda
Sint Janstraat 3
4811 ZK Breda

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any study requirements to become a member?

S.A. Xenia is a student association especially for students of Hotel or Facility Management at Breda University. Unfortunately, you cannot become a member if you do not follow one of those studies. However, most of our events are public and do not need a membership requirement, so feel free to join a Wednesday evening with us at Borrel Bar Breda!

How can I become a member of S.A. Xenia?

At the begin of the academic year, there is the opportunity to sign up. After the sign-up period we’ll host an introduction weekend where you can get to know your fellow instalment, other members, and the association. After the intro weekend, you will become an official member of S.A. Xenia!

What are the advantages of joining S.A. Xenia?

Joining S.A. Xenia has a lot of advantages, as well during as after your student life. You'll build friendships and networks in the international world of hotel & facility while creating lifelong memories. Besides that, we have special discounts and offers from our sponsors and partnerships to make your student life more doable.

What obligations do I have as a member of S.A. Xenia?

As a member of S.A. Xenia, you don't have any obligations at all. You can decide by yourself how much time you want to spend within the association. However, of course, we love it if you are there regularly and you definitely don’t want to miss our amazing parties, but it is up to you!

When I don’t live in Breda, is it still worth it to become a member?

Yes, it is still worth it! Within the association, you'll make lots of new friends, and since hospitality is in our blood there will be always a place to sleep. Our members are more than happy to provide you with a spot for the night!

Can I also join a Sorority or Fraternity?

Yes. Once you are a member, you can join one of our Sororities or Fraternities. During the first couple of months of the academic year, the Sororities and Fraternities will host several drinks where both parties can see if there is a connection.