Sorority NYX

Sorority NYX is the only international Sorority of Breda, and thus of S.A. Xenia. We are a group of spontaneous, enthusiastic, down-to-earth girls who love spending time together, whether it is a fun evening enjoying drinks and bites with the girls or attending events from other Sororities and Fraternities. As a Sorority, we organize a lot of events ourselves as well. Every year we enjoy hosting our parties ‘Shotnight’ and ‘Costa Cava’, where we have made some of our favourite memories together with friends from other Sororities and Fraternities. Besides our own parties, we also organize internal events like 21 dinners, our NYX Annual Trip, relative days and many drinks throughout the year.

If you are interested in getting to know us better and want to join one of our drinks, let us know via social media or e-mail:

“Let’s count the stars together…”
Sorority NYX

Est. 26st of November 2008

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