Y.C Convivialis

We are Y.C. Convivialis and we are founded on the 10th of January 2024. 

Our yearclub consists of 9 girls, who are pretty exuberant, a little bit crazy, have a lot of love for each other and doing shots of tequila 🍋

Convivialis means ‘gezelligheid’ in Dutch and this is what we have when we are together. We all have a vibrant and lively nature. Each member bringing contagious energy to the group.

We look forward to our upcoming years at S.A. Xenia. Creating long-lasting memories together and forge friendships that last forever.

Our members:
Britt Kleinekoort, Victoria van der Groen, Evy Basten, Emi Huizer, Carmen Hagenaars, Sara Dankaart, Fleur de Baar, Indy Branderhorst, Sanne Leo

“Every shot, every laugh - together always”

Lots of love,

Y.C. Convivialis 

Est. 10th of January 2024

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