Sororities & Fraternities

Sororities & Fraternities of S.A. Xenia

Besides her Year Clubs and Committees, Student Association Xenia has four different Sororities & Fraternities. The Members of these Sororities & Fraternities are often the most active and dedicated Members of the Association and they represent everything Xenia stands for. 

The Members of a Sorority of Fraternity are from different Xenia Instalments across different years, which provides them with the ability to have their own continuity. As a Member, a Sorority or Fraternity might approach you personally to have drinks with them and find out if you are a suitable candidate among their Members.

Sororities and Fraternities organise their own parties throughout the year where all Members of the Association are invited, besides the weekly Xenia drinks at Feestcafé Peddels. 

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