Y.C. Luceat Ubique

We are Year Club Luceat Ubique, founded on the 7th of December 2022. Our Year Club consists of 10 girls who come from different places in the Netherlands and have been brought together by Student Association Xenia. Right from the start it felt like we were gonna be a close group of friends. All are looking for the same thing; getting the best out of our student life. With a little bit of craziness included;)

We chose the name Luceat Ubique which means “Shine everywhere”, with the lovely disco ball as our logo. We love a good party where we can dance and laugh with each other. But we also support and help each other. 

Our members: 
Marleen Sandbergen, Suus Jansen, Robin Stokwielder, Merel Verhaar, Karlijn Vaessen, Imme Bax, June Swinkels, Tamar Kessels, Nora Souren and Bente Meijne

“Let’s shine everywhere”

Luceat Ubique

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