Fraternity Palto

Fraternity Palto is the first and only international Fraternity of S.A. Xenia and was founded on 21st March 2012. We, as Fraternity Palto, represent unity, internationalism and exclusivity for our members. Furthermore, we want to create added value for our Student Association Xenia in terms of support and by creating a broader platform for members, alumnis, sponsors and partners. The foundation of Fraternity Palto are it’s 9 core values which are cherished among the members:      

- Panta Pi
- Always faithful
- Café Janssen
- Burgundy red
- Unity
- Exclusivity
- Hospitality
- Internationalism
- Etiquette 

If you have any questions relating any topic concerning Fraternity Palto, do not hesitate to contact us by email or to just come and meet us in Café Janssen on Thursday night!

Fraternity Palto

Est. 21st of March 2012

Our sponsors