Y.C. Liana Favea

Year Club Liana Favea

We are Year Club Liana Favea founded on the 7th of December 2022. In our Year Club, there are eleven girls with all different backgrounds, but with one goal: Making the best time of our student lives. 

We do that by drinking our favourite drink: rosé beer (especially Liefmans) every Wednesday in the Old Dutch. 

Liana Favea stands for youthful favourites. In Dutch, Favea is translated as ‘lieveling’. The word is not only showing our love for each other but also a butterfly specie, which explains our logo! 

Our motto is: ‘Sprightly for a while, favourites forever’ 

We are looking forward to having the best time within Student Association Xenia. 
Cheers to many years of fun and friendship.

Members of our Year Club: 

Anne Aben, Anna van Brandenburg, Anne Heij, Beau Beelen, Bente Elias, Bente Driessen, Femke Polak, Gwen Lamers, Lisa Bleumink, Minke van der Valk and Pia Amkreutz

Est. 7th of December 2022

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