Y.C. Lucratores Vitae

We are Y.C. Lucratores Vitae. A group of 9 refined men who live life to the fullest. Our group consists of Levi Sakkers, Jens Verbeek, Maurik van Ginneken, Jorran Spooren, Sem van Zurk, Flint Smeulders, Dion Magermans, Ties Ridder and Thom Wildeman. A group where everyone is as mindless and irresponsible as the other, whenever we’re together it’s chaos. Yet when needed we can be serious and look out for each other at all times. Our name translates to “Those who take the profit out of life” and we live by that every day. On Wednesday we like to enjoy our drink, Hertog Jan. 

Lucratores Vitae

Est. 12th of January 2022

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