About Student Association Xenia


Student Association Xenia was founded on the 30th of May 2002 by five ambitious students of the Hotel Management Academy at NHTV, the former name of Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas). These five students are the official founders of Student Association Xenia and our most honourable Members, they are:

  • Sander Vermunt (our first Chairman and Founding Father)
  • Pepijn van Munster (our first Treasurer)
  • Lieke Sauer (our first Secretary)
  • Roel Klaassen (our first Coordinator Operational)
  • Eveline van Veen (our first Coordinator Communication)

Now, 20 years later, our beloved Association consists of almost 280 active Members and over 1200 former Members. Over the years, the Association has gone through many changes. From different home bars, a new school campus and additional annual events.

A few years after its original founding date, Student Association Xenia decided it would be a great addition to embrace the Academy of Facility Management. Since then, students from both Hotel and Facility Management that study at BUas have been able to join our Association. 

Home Bar

Unlike other student associations, Student Association Xenia has her own home bar instead of a traditional society. Student Association Xenia believes that this positively affects her connection to the beautiful historic city of Breda since our Home Bar is located right in the City Centre. 

Initially founded in Café Dunne, located near the iconic Havermarkt in Breda, Student Association Xenia decided to change her official Home Bar to Old Dutch Sports Bar near the Grote Markt due to the rapid growth of the Association.

Café Dunne functioned as the official Home Bar of our Association until 2019. Sports Bar Old Dutch has been the official Home Bar of Xenia since 2019 and onwards. You can find us here every Wednesday evening!


Student Association Xenia consists of multiple groupings like Sororities and Fraternities, Year Clubs and Committees. Besides these groupings, there is also the Board of S.A. Xenia.

The Association features honorary titles (Members of Honor or Merit) and different sponsors. The Association is also part of the Alliance and the Alliance of Breda.

Breda University of Applied Sciences

Student Association Xenia is linked to the Hotel and Facility Management academies of Breda University of Applied Sciences, formerly known as NHTV Breda. Both academies have delivered vastly talented and ambitious professionals to the (inter)national working environment. In many different countries alumni students occupy crucial management roles in many respected enterprises and businesses. 

These alumni are ambassadors and they make sure the excellent reputation of the Academies remains well known in both The Netherlands and foreign countries.

Both studies are 100% in English, which boosts your chance of an international career. The Hotel and Facility Management programmes at BUas are even rated as Top Rated Programmes of 2023!

Our sponsors