Y.C. Domus Plena

We are Y.C. Domus Plena, founded on the 12th of January 2022. Our members consist of 4 boys and 4 girls, meaning that we are the first mixed Year Club of Student Association Xenia!
Each of us has our own qualities. Therefore our name is Domus Plena, standing for a full house in Latin, as there is; “Never a dull moment in a full house”.

Bringing passion, humour, openness and adventure together is a great definition of our year club. From the first weeks we met, we could tell there is a strong friendship. All 8 of us love a drink at the Old Dutch, especially a nice Long Island Iced Tea ;)

Levi Sanner, Lauren Veugelers, Tyler Every, Frederieke Snijders, Benjamin Schriders, Bloem Adam, Bram Schrauwen, Eline Terwoert

Est. 12th of January 2022

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