Welcome to the vibrant world of Student Association Xenia's committees! At our university and within our Association, we believe in the power of collaboration and student involvement, and our committees are at the heart of this ethos. Whether you're a new Member looking to get involved or a seasoned veteran seeking a new challenge, there's a committee for you.

EvCo (Events Committee): If you're passionate about organizing unforgettable events, EvCo is where the magic happens. From wild parties to thought-provoking educational events, this committee is your ticket to creating unforgettable memories.

BarCo (Bar Committee): Join BarCo and become the ultimate mixologist. Whether you're serving up mocktails at a study session or tapping the best beers at a themed party, you'll be at the forefront of our social scene.

PhotoCo (Photography Committee): Capture memories that last a lifetime with PhotoCo. Your lens will tell the story of our Association, documenting every smile, triumph, and milestone.

PromoCo (Promotions Committee): Bring your creativity to life with PromoCo. From eye-catching flyers to engaging social media campaigns, this committee spreads the word and keeps our Members informed.

LustrumCo (Anniversary Committee): Every five years, we celebrate in style with LustrumCo. Help plan the grandest of celebrations as we mark half a decade of excellence.

GalaCo (Formal Gala Committee): If elegance and sophistication are your style, GalaCo is your home. Plan and execute our annual formal gala, creating an enchanting evening for all.

FYASCo (First-Year Advisory & Support Committee): Help new students find their footing in their first year with FYASCo. Your guidance and support make the transition to university life smoother.

IntroCo (Introduction Committee): Join IntroCo to welcome fresh faces to our Association. Help them to learn what it is all about to join our Association and the benefits of doing so.

KasCo (Finance Committee): Keep the Association's financial engine running smoothly with KasCo. Responsible for assisting in the creation of budgets and funding, this committee ensures that all our activities remain sustainable. It is only possible to join KasCo upon request from an existing KasCo Member or the Board of S.A. Xenia.

Each of our committees plays a vital role in shaping the student experience, fostering friendships, and creating unforgettable memories. Whether you're passionate about events, photography, promotions, or finance, there's a place for you in our vibrant Student Association.

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