Y.C. Decem Delectat

We are a group of 10 completely different gentlemen. One prettier than the other but all even appreciated. We are a group of undefinable, naughty, idiotic weirdos who do not resemble each other at all. And that is exactly the reason why we work so well as a group. We all come from different places with different insights and experiences. We have the feeling that our friendship is real and there is a lot to come for us. You can find us on Wednesdays in the Old Dutch taking a shot of our beloved Limoncello.

Our members: 
Rogier Bulsink, Mees Heslenfeld, Job Klein Obbink, Mick Kroneberg, Jay-Jay van Laar, Maximiliaan Loos, Youri Puts, Sevrin Smits, Yannick Tielemans and Joep de Wit

“We are Y.C. Decem Delectat, and this is just the beginning”

Est. 4th of December 2019

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