Y.C. Vinum Vita

Hi there, we are Year club Vinum Vita, nine girls with a lot of diversity, laughter and love for wine! We are an official yearclub of S.A. Xenia since 16th of December 2020. Vinum Vita stands for β€˜wine is life’, because what is a great night without a good glass of wine? One of our favourite things to do is have a drink with the other members of S.A. Xenia. For a night full of Vinum, you have the right girls! We are honest and respectful. But the most important thing is that we are all crazy, and we can make every party go crazy! We love to go back in time and sing along with our favourites from the 80s, 90s and 00s. In the future, we will keep on making memories together and of course drink
a lot of Vinum!

Kisses from the Vinums

Sophie Zimmerman, Liv van Diest, Lieke violier, Eva van de Kam, Marcha
Huisman, Fleur Hannegraaf, Mirte Eikhout, Lynn Stolk, Carlijn Graafland

Est. 16th of December 2020

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